Broken Back – She Falls

There’s something to be said for the philosophical notion that all art is political. It can be as broad as a punk band embodying the rebellion against societal norms or YG and Nipsey Hussle throwing up a middle finger directly to the man in charge. Broken Back walks the line between the two approaches as he calls out abusers who populate our society like a plague. It’s a necessary statement, especially within the context of an industry that has propped up abusers time and time again. We don’t need to just condemn these people privately, we need to publicly take a stand, and Broken Back makes this a reality with crystal clear lyrics that are going to impact listeners while delivering a powerful sound that will make listeners return to the single time and time again, absorbing such an important message each and every time.

It’s especially important that men fight back. We have such an inherent advantage in society and need to prop up the voices of women that are disrespected and shunned. Even as an assault victim who understands all too well the experience of violence against men, women’s lives are clearly at stake and deserve every ounce of our energy to protect them. If you’re a guy reading this and not sure what to do, you don’t have to make sweeping political changes. Call out your friend’s misogynistic bullshit that normalizes the patriarchy, offer emotional support to the women in your life who need it, do anything you can even if it feels like the smallest of actions. There’s lives that depend on it.

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