The Geek x Vrv – Paris Jazz Club 1920 (Feat Anomalie)

I feel like I’ve always associated The Geek x Vrv with more upbeat music but I’m digging this more tasteful and more lowkey approach on their new single. It feels like a subtle soundtrack, but the more I’ve listened to it on repeat listens, the more I’ve realized this thing is bustling with life – the keys feel like extravagant drapes, the drums feel like pure class, everything here is just so wonderful. Funnily enough, for a song that I felt wasn’t anywhere close to the realm of hip-hop, I found myself beginning to rap over the instrumental and couldn’t stop once I started. There’s a flow to this one that conjures up imagined storytelling vibes and allows you to simply fade away and let the music take you to faraway places or lay down your own words and your own story. It’s such a dynamic release with so much tangible potential and I can’t get enough.

For a song that lets you dive in with a personal angle, this one would definitely sound best in its namesake. I can imagine laughter permeating through the air, drink glasses clanking together, the sound of chairs dragging across floors as friends greet one another and enter a circle to extend its emotional capacity, the sound of coins clanking on the bar as patrons leave their change for tips, the creaking of wooden doors opening and closing. All of this would swirl through the atmosphere where each action is not individual, but instead connected occurrences all existing on the same thread of perception. It’s a beautiful concept and that imagined jazz club sounds like a beautiful place to be.

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