Delacey – Emily

Delacey is a pop star in the making, but she’s also an extremely personal writer whose new single is a touching tribute to her best friend. The lyrics are so pure, transitioning from dealing with broken relationships to taking shrooms and watching MTV. You can feel the honesty through the story Delacey weaves and that’s also owed to her next-level vocals which feel tailor made for wide audiences, radio airwaves, and beyond. It’s all topped off by production that serves to subtly complement Delacey’s powerful performance rather than take centerstage, a surge of bass at select moments functioning as its only real push to the forefront. From top to bottom, this is a touching piece within a sea of music that will rise to the top.

Friendships are a strange beast. I’ve learned that even our best friends have flaws and we have to learn how to deal with them (or whether we CAN deal with them which brings to question to the longevity of the friendship). Just last night, a good friend struck a nerve by saying my spiritual practices are strange and worthy of an “intervention.” It might have been said in a joking manner, but it struck deep to have something so essential to my life perceived as strange by the person who’s supposed to understand me the best. They apologized, but it’s now a matter of whether or not I should communicate how genuinely hurt I am over the comment – it’s a small thing to most people, but when you’re so in tune with yourself and your needs, these things become worthy of reflection and contemplation. Fortunately, I have the tools to write about it and talk to friends with years of experience on me and work through a small speed bump like this!

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