Roland Tings – Always Rushing (ft. Mild Minds)

“Always Rushing” is a visceral heater of a track that starts off deceptively methodical, a calculated groove thriving on repetition while slowly divulging little hints of organic pleasure, before transitioning into organic indie-laced goodness. It’s a natural flow, almost psychedelic in nature as Mild Minds’ vocals echo across the soundscape, melodic yet detached and floating away into the ether. They don’t exist in a vacuum, though, as a synth-driven tension builds to a crescendo before suddenly dropping off a cliff into a subtle new groove at the track’s halfway point. There’s moving parts all throughout that seem to contradict one another on the surface, but their gravitational pull to one another makes this a magnetic release absolutely worth your time and then some.

For my personal anecdote today, “Always Rushing” lines up a pretty easy topic for me to tackle. I always need to bullrush into everything I do and overwhelm myself with as much practice or information as possible to a fault. It can be a sudden need to own every vintage nu-metal shirt on Depop, it can be the urge to buy every spiritual book I can to enrich my knowledge while jumping from author to author, all things that make me happy but totally overdone and require some moderation. Through meditation and daily practice, I’ve learned to slow down against my natural tendencies and exist in the present moment, appreciating what I have and slowly taking all facets of life in through a calm lens. It may take practice, but it works.

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