Pretty Sister and MarcLo – Poolside Vibe

Get ready to kick back and float away as this “Poolside Vibe” comes in hot as a burgeoning summer hit from Pretty Sister and MarcLo. The two have had serious chemistry before and they ascend to effortless cool on a funky collaboration that’s impossible to resist. Groovy production makes this one timeless while the back-and-forth vocals are pure ear candy as each artist has undeniably gravitational approaches that pull you in, like your best friend pulling you into the pull where the party is at. It feels like a party is happening while listening to this one alone at home, so I can only imagine how it must feel to have this blasting on a sweltering Los Angeles afternoon with champagne toasting, drinks flowing, and anything else you might need to cool off.

With the utter chaos going on in the world, it’s so essential that we take time to say fuck it and forget all worries. Turn off the TV, get off social media, and have a blast with your friends that takes you out of worrying about the past and being scared of the future. Lean into the present moment and realize it’s all we’ve got, so we should make the best of it! Grab everyone you know, hit the closest body of water (preferably a pool but hell a beach or lake or river works too), and turn up “Poolside Vibe” to maximize the great time you’re going to have and the great time you deserve this summer!

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