Luke Wylde & Rhea Robertson – Save Yourself

Luke Wylde and Rhea Robertson offer up an absolutely powerful level of synergy on their collaborative new single. It’s a gritty anthem that feels equal parts dive bar and arena stage, the guitar licks sounding like the smoke of cigarettes wafting through your local club while the vocal hook is equipped for arms waving back in forth and controlled unison across the Staples Center floor. It’s a brilliant piece of modern alt-pop inflected with all the right bits of rock that sets itself so far apart from the cookie cutter tracks with a team of mad scientists (read: underpaid songwriters getting less than ideal cuts) behind them. Turn this one all the way up and you’ll immediately feel the middle-finger attitude this one is espousing from beginning to the very end.

Sometimes you have to save yourself. We’re a communal species of shared energy, but in this present moment, we only exist in one body and it deserves the maximum amount of preservation and respect. Don’t take the proverbial bullet for someone – you’ll not only spare them of what the universe is offering as a moment of necessary growth, but you’re sacrificing yourself all for what, an act of hindering progress? Does it sound selfish? Maybe, but I don’t think it’s unfair to consider the value of yourself and cherish it – there’s duality to all things in life, so while you maintain the spiritual practice of love and community, you must also maintain the spiritual practice of conservation. That’s how this one little mind on the speck of a speck of rock in the speck of a galaxy in a vast universe sees it, anyway.

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