Delacey – Actress

Delacey has pure pop radio potential but she flexes soulful roots on a new single that feels more fitting for the coolness of college radio, or hell, even your local alt-rock station. The diversity of her talents is just mind-blowing and positions her as truly nothing less than a star in waiting. “Actress” is a beautifully woven outing with lush, organic instrumentation and vocals that have a bit of uplifting ’70s sunshine, some early ’00s pop dramatics, and lyricism that’s absolutely part of the now, straight forward without a word of her thoughts minced or left unsaid. She says to not believe a word that comes out of her mouth, but I’ll de damned if I’m not hooked on every word and in full belief of the story she weaves throughout “Actress”. I can’t recommend enough to put this on repeat.

I went through phases of acting, trying to be someone I wasn’t in my past. I thought I had to fit into certain molds and not stray the path. These days, I’m my authentic self. I’m super into meditation and spirituality, but I’m also into watching football all weekend long. I’m into old school hip-hop, but I can also appreciate a good electronic song when I hear it. None of these things are mutually exclusive or warrant holding back on one to embrace the other. Enjoy whatever the fuck you want, because we only have a set amount of time in this physical incarnation and every moment should be spent with something that fulfills us, not something that’s just to hold up a fleeting appearance.

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