Tennyson – Telescope

Ever since I found Tennyson because of a Ryan Hemsworth cosign years ago, I’ve been infatuated with the truly sweet nature of their sound. It’s like taking a massive exhale and becoming totally content with the present moment. That’s taken to its next logical step on “Telescope”, a beautiful little tune with optimistic energy for deep relationships and items strewn around a messy computer room alike. The track captures such a wonderfully specific feeling that’s distant yet immersive, full of subtle contradictions that just all make sense when naturally fit together. This is the first taste of a new EP as well, so you bet I’ve marked my mental calendar to jump on that record as soon as it arrives.

I love looking up in the night sky and thinking about my space in the universe. I know I’m tiny compared to all those stars millions of lightyears away (isn’t it insane that we can see stars that far from us?), but I also feel strong and spiritually mighty, like my existence right now affirms that I belong in this stunning landscape stretching on into infinity. Not only am I within the vast universe, but the universe exists within me. My communion with the night sky is as powerful as meditation examining my self-contained universe when I wake up every morning. I could go on about this for days, but I’ll end by saying I’m very much at peace this Friday afternoon and I hope you are too.

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