Nané – Always On My Mind

Want to be let in on a little secret? Well, here you go: Austin band Nané has been making the rounds in their cities with some apparently amazing results and have now brought their sound to us listeners outside the ATX area code. Consider it a blessing to my ears and yours, because this record is rock at its most charismatic, dashing, and genuinely fun. There’s no overly serious optics to slug through here – instead, it’s a rousing good time that’ll make you want to hit the dance floor with your friends and lose track of the time as the night waxes and wanes. And hey, if that’s hard for you to picture, there’s a perfect music video to check out too that’ll make you ready to show off those dance moves you’ve kept in store.

Love is a funny thing. We focus so hard on making ourselves the best versions of ourselves, then in turn we give it away as a gift to someone who reciprocates that act. It’s like a beautiful cycle of positive vibrations circulating from one into another and back again. You know that cycle has commenced when you can’t get them off your mind – when you wake up in the morning, when you’re in traffic, when you’re miles away. They’ve become an integral part of your development and, man, are you fortunate to have that feeling. I hope years of that and beyond are coming your way if they haven’t already arrived.