Yahtzel & Amastro – Nothing

This new single from Yahtzel and Amastro came in hot to my inbox with all the makings of an irresistible electronic romp. Consider that potential met because “Nothing” is a really infectious, forward-thinking tune that makes all the pleasure centers in your brain light up. It offers equal possibilities to make you dance or lay out and enter a dazed head trip, so you can just take your pick. It’s only the first collaboration between these two producers but you can feel the really natural flow between them so I would expect this to not be the last we see from them combining their extensive talents with one another.

Nothing is wrong today, simply put. Work is fulfilling, spirituality runs through everything I do, friendships are deep, service to my community is excellent, my propensity to take care of myself is at its highest, I just have no complaints going into the weekend or for the foreseeable future. I’ve had a great week of learning about literature and scientific theories and feel inspired going into the weekend and beyond! I hope the same goes for you, and if it’s not 100% there, trust that you’ll reach that same space sooner than later.