Night Tales – HAUNT EP

I’ve been chomping at the bit to write about this new Night Tales EP, instantly one of my favorite electronic releases of the year. It’s only three songs but each one is a journey worth embarking on. The first track is called “Ghost” and it’s an upbeat vocal led cut that would fit right in with an Anjunabeats mix as it has that global feel that transcends territories. Next up is my personal favorite, “Never”, which is a deep and dark foray into the murky side of house with a mature groove and distant vocals that perfectly complement an out of the world instrumental. EP closer “Pretender” is an emotional examination of where to go once a relationship collapses and it’s a perfect example of how electronic music can explore serious topics and not just the dance floor.

I’m just super appreciative of where music is at right now. I’ve been overwhelmed with so much good stuff, Night Tales included. Across the board genres are being innovated. I empathize with complaints about over saturation in the current market, but the democratization of music via the internet has allowed so many artists to tap into the most obscure of influences and emerge with a product that can hook a few niche fans or a whole global audience. The act of physically flipping through vinyl and CDs might be behind us, but the sense of discovery and awe will live on as long as music continues to be available to us. Whether it’s on Bandcamp’s selected albums or a little Spotify playlist, your next favorite is out there waiting to be heard.