Marie Lang – Don’t Wanna Go Back

I wrote about Marie Lang earlier this year and she returns with a killer new single. It’s called “Don’t Wanna Go Back” and it’s a stunning indie-pop outing that feels like the genre at its most intricate and intelligent. The verses are dripping in soul, but the chorus feels like Imogen Heap or Dido at their most infectious which ticks off all the boxes for meeting my exact taste. Her vocals are absolutely killer and the production is fine-tuned to the most minute details, leaving nothing to imagine and everything to get lost within. “Don’t Wanna Go Back” is a powerful new statement that hints toward a dynamic debut EP which Marie has plans to unveil at the top of December, a date that I’ll be marking on my calendar and anxiously looking forward to.

I don’t want to go back to the mental chains that bound me. I’ve worked so hard to advance myself mentally and spiritually, so regressing to old trains of thought just isn’t an option anymore. Even when times are a little tough in my head like right now, I lean on the tools I’ve allotted over the past few years, whether it’s breathing and meditating or putting myself in the middle of my community where I can let go of self reflection and focus on the company of those around me. I’m proud of the person I’ve become and will continue to maintain this state of existence while continuing to progress day in and day out.