Tennyson – Telescope EP

Tennyson has delivered what I can only describe as the prettiest EP of the year. Telescope feels like floating away into the clouds and becoming an ethereal being that looks over all the lights dotting Earth and can zoom into any little scenario at will, observing with care whether it’s the procession of giant landmarks in global cities or the lights flickering on a neighborhood block while dusk and dawn engage in an eternal dance, light to dark and dark to light. Tennyson understands there’s beauty in everything and that’s just so apparent throughout his EP – “You” is a beautiful love-filled ode, “Kaonashi” feels like post-rock and cloud rap channeled through an alchemic transmutation, and “Sleepwalk” is an ambient beauty that taps into subtle emotions. There’s so much to love from top to bottom and I can’t get enough.

The notion that there’s beauty in all the little things is so utterly true. I love walking through the streets and seeing a little neon sign in a jewelry shop, the “woosh” of a bike drafting by toward their destination, the green grass of park to sit down on and feel the slight moisture of last night’s dew. We’re hyper focused on maximalist pleasure in society, but so much beauty lies in the minimalist realm and that’s something I hope people find to be apparent as times moves on. We’re fortunate to live on this Earth so let’s appreciate everything about it.