The Geek X VRV & Møme – Overview Effect 1972 (feat M.I.L.K.)

The Geek x VRV have been impressing me all year and that continues on what’s easily their poppiest record to date. It feels like a genuine radio smash to have lyrics memorized and people singing along. The production has deep bass tones to ground it, yet totally airy elements that make it as uplifting as the spacey artwork that’s just as brilliant. From top to bottom you can’t miss “Overview Effect 1972” as this decade comes to a close, so do yourself a favor and listen as soon as you can and let all your worries dissolve into mist.

I’ve emerged from some general anxiety and feeling pretty damn great. There’s a lot of exciting movement in life right now that feels like rocketing toward space. My home situation evolving, work being as good as ever, maintaining a spiritual center, it’s all fulfilling and makes me extremely grateful for the life I have. There’s plenty of reflection to do on how far I’ve come the past 10 years as this decade comes to a close and I feel better equipped than ever to take a spacebound leap when 2020 hits in less than a month.