Dad – Smash Bros

Enigmatic cartoon character Dad returns with another bedroom-pop single that calls upon the catchiest pop writing elements. All context of the charming branding of this project aside, this is just a wonderful single. The vocals have just the right mixture of swagger with charming sway and the production bounces along with all the right pockets offering maximum impact. From top to bottom, it’s an utterly immaculate cut that’s going straight to my favorites playlist and won’t be losing its real estate any time soon.

The title of this track has me considering how I love the feeling of being totally immersed in a video game. My game of choice this month has been Death Stranding, an experience that transcends the medium it reveals itself as a philosophical exercise worthy of academic study and demands praise as high art. The eternal, esoteric concepts of life and death are weaved throughout its story while the acting from names like Norman Reedus is utterly superb and marks a paradigm shift in what a video game can offer. Hiking through a post-apocalyptic landscape is a meditative practice in its own right and I’ll be diving back in this weekend.