Super Duper – Montage

I’m grounded in a taste initiated by old school hip-hop, so consider me pleasantly surprised as Super Duper puts aside his electronic sound for an instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on my ’90s mixtapes. It has the perfect amount of percussive punch to drive it along with force while the vocal samples are purely soulful, evoking a sense of joy that feels more like a visceral head rush than any sort of conscious feeling. As much as this one propels your head to bob along in unison, it feels tailor made for the dancefloor as well, serving anyone well who’d like to wave their body and get lost in the atmospherics being provided by Super Duper. From top to bottom, this is a beautiful jam that keeps Super Duper’s future looking bright.

Life is one big montage isn’t it? This isn’t front-to-back, linear, however we perceive it. It’s an accumulation of moments that make us think, make us feel something, a uniquely human experience where we are the universe experiencing itself unlike no other. Memories of days a child on the beach, memories of the first kiss in middle school, memories of college partying, they all blend into a mixture like paint colors bleeding over into one another and makes us who we are as humans. Our montages are beautiful and deserve to be cherished.