Xie – Seasons ft. Reo Cragun

Xie’s return on “Jungle Juice” was the perfect party-pop anthem, but she takes an emotional turn on “Seasons” that’s pure chills-inducing fare. The production is intricately melodic as little flashes of keys and chopped up vocals swirl underneath a wake-up call of a lead synth that awakens all the senses. That all goes without mentioning Xie’s wonderful lead vocals which make the perfect centerpiece, all complemented by Reo Cragun’s fitting assist which adds the perfect amount of swagger to balance out the pure emotions flowing. There’s no doubt that “Seasons” is Xie’s best single yet, so give this one a much-deserved listen.

Seasons change, people come and go, everything moves in cycles. We can track internal cycles, cycles of the skies, and intertwine both as above rhymes with so below, our human bodies mirroring the stars. I don’t think that sentiment makes us predictable, though – we’re still spiritual beings that can’t be quantified, it’s more just a recognition that we ebb and flow like every other element in the universe. There’s beauty to the cyclic nature of the lives we live.