Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen

Sulkin’ Raven reminds me deeply of a similarly-named aves, Blackbird Blackbird, for his kaleidoscopic landscapes. That’s about where the similarities end though as “Oxygen” proves itself to be a time-traveling delight that channels ’80s synth music and modern chip-tune sprinkles alike. His instrumentals are masterful, showcasing a decadent approach to layers upon layers swirling together into one colorful agglomeration that’s best described as the stunning paint splattered across the artwork. Sulkin’ Raven’s vocals are equally alluring, hiding behind a seductive haze of effects-laden croons. “Oxygen” is an utter beauty that truly demands your attention.

Oxygen is obviously a physical necessity for life, but I think we have spiritual needs too. Meditation, reading, all of these things sustain my every-day existence as care for the mind is as essential as care for the body. It’s not as widely understood in society as I’d like, but it is promising to see commercials with the likes of LeBron James promoting meditation as something equally important as his deep dedication to training his body for peak performance in the NBA. Anyways, those are just my associated thoughts for the day – hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!