The Two Fake Blondes – If You Really Love Me

The Two Fake Blondes may be a brand new duo, but they’re crafting some of the most infectious dance music within the scene right now. Case and point: “If You Really Love Me”, a colorful house single that has enough infectious energy to make every second feel like a celebration. The production is crisp and classic, hitting all the right notes, while the vocals are pure rave bliss that harkens back to the early 2000s greats. For a debut release, this is a can’t-miss drop that beckons you to hop on the bandwagon before The Two Fake Blondes make serious inroads and become household festival names.

If you really love me, you’ll express it in your most natural form. For some, that’s an occasional text asking how you’re doing. For others, it’s constant phone calls to enjoy an ongoing dialogue, tracking each other’s daily progress. Regardless of how it’s expressed, though, love is love and we should accept it however those in our life are able to provide. There’s no formula to friendship, to romantic interests, to everything in between. It’s just two people exchanging energy in a fashion wholly unique to them. We’re intuitive beings and know when that love is authentic, true, and real.