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Category Archives: Fashion

David Bowie – All The Young Dudes

Thirty two is far too early. It seems its a rock n’ roll thing to die at a young age, quite often between the decade age span of 25 to 35. As far as music goes, a daunting age is 27. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, amongst several others, all past away age […]

Island Life

And were back… I spent a very long weekend out in Nantucket hanging out in beaches and picnicking in pastures, so let’s just I’m not exactly thrilled about returning to the concrete jungle but so it goes. I’ve vowed to spend the entire summer next year far away from New York City so I’m posting […]

Marrakesh Express

I’d have to say of all the trends sprouting up recently, my eye has the biggest affinity for Marrakesh Express or in more common parlance, Ali Baba Pants. Given how all my ex girlfriends have had considerably bohemian chic infused styles, my obsession with silk bedding and overall inclination to anything that reminds me of James Bond’s Octopussy, it’s […]


This blog is going to be about music but from time to time I’ll post other notable art etc. In this case it’s a Terry Richardson photoshoot of Daria Werbowy. It’s from 2007 but I always find myself revisiting it. Very chic. This captures a feel too close to home, I’m a big fan. These […]