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Rich Delinquent – Death Drive

Rich Delinquent came through my inbox as brand new name to me which is always an exciting prospect – diving into an artist blind and seeing what happens. Safe to say it was worth the risk with “Death Drive” which has been stuck in my head on a loop since I spun it for the first time. It has gritty electronic production with swirling melodies and the vocals are pure pop goodness, something you’d hear on the radio but in the best way possible. Combined with his super interesting visual approach as seen by the single’s artwork, the project is just intriguing from top to bottom and has my full attention for whatever move Rich Delinquent makes next.

Have you ever been on a death drive where you knew a crash was coming but couldn’t pump the brakes? There’s been a recurring pattern in my life where I would rocket toward shame and disappointment but keep my foot on the gas. Last week, though, I finally got the courage to pump the brakes hard regardless of how uncomfortable it might be to feel that initial jerking of the head. Excuse all the metaphors, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I came close to a terrible that felt inevitable and was able to stop before it happened. It was an empowering feeling that gives me confidence to keep moving forward with poise from here on out.

Lo Lytes – Wet

Lo Lytes is starting to sound more and more like he’d fit comfortably next to Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, and Tory Lanez on the perfect bedroom playlist. The production has a bounce to it while still hazy and dark, aka the perfect backdrop for his sultry smooth vocals that exude passion. He’s also apparently making this music through the lens of an alternate universe which makes it that much more intriguing. You can imagine “Wet” echoing around a surrealistic world with dream logic, a perpetual state of confusion weaving its way through every little vibration in its artificial atmosphere. I’m about ready to throw on my pair of headphone studios and faded into some imagined imagery of the world he’s pushing.

Sometimes I just want to slip into another reality. That might be through a sci-fi show, a conspiratorial book, something to expand the mind beyond our present reality. Plus that escape adds color to the current reality once we return from momentary vacation. You start to see everything from a different perspective. Watching Lynch will make a rural street loaded with meaning,  watching Star Wars will make the night sky look different, it all offers changes in perspective. Keep searching in this lifetime.

Marie Lang – Comfort Zone

The artwork for “Comfort Zone” speaks to a sophisticated artist whose work exists within a sleek, fashionable setting. That visual hint comes to fruition on Marie Lang’s new single, a cut that examines metropolitan romance with mature reciprocation of the physical and emotional, at times finding the two intertwined. “Comfort Zone” is instrumentally lush yet methodical, each element hitting precise pockets while offering simultaneous room to breathe. Lang’s vocals also walk a wonderful line, equal parts floaty through the atmosphere and inflected with soulful tones that feel like the musings of a seasoned wordsmith. This one is a must listen as the weather settles into fall at the end of the decade.

I stopped chasing the grass imagined as greener on the other side. I realized everything I could to pursue exists within a space I’ve already carved. I’m in a comfort zone where my passion for philosophical musings can be nurtured, my spiritual and magical ideals can be physically engaged with, my friendships can continue to be deepened by people who already care rather than searching for those who may care in the future. It took three years in Los Angeles – I just found a journal entry from my first month here where I felt like I had no identity or circle of people to call my own – but I now have a deep, colorful life that continues to blossom and reveal more on my path with each waking moment.

T. Soomian – 1979

“1979” is like ethereally floating through a hue-soaked cloud of smoke billowing from a green room, leading the way toward a convertible and taking off toward the sunset. It feels like the ’70s stumbled into the future and picked up modern twists, subtly blending in with music that’s popular while staying true to the past. T. Soomian does a masterful job of all of the above on his new single which stems from his equally impressive album, Love Relief. He has all the trappings of a psychedelic indie-pop darling that will absolutely resonate with everyone from kids to oldheads alike, so get on board before this train accelerates toward stardom.

1979 was a pivotal year as prog-rock and disco handed the baton to new wave and post-punk, leading the way for Duran Duran and Depeche Mode to eventually dominate the new decade. So much good music came from that stretch that it’s just overwhelming. Going back a bit further, rock critics always craved the revival of classic rock and pegged bands from Jet to Wolfmother as those who would bring the genre back to glory, but bland pastiche doesn’t do it. If you’re going to channel the best time periods of music, you have to offer a wholly new approach, and even though there’s tinges of progressive psychedelia on “1979”, this song is its own trip that demands attention as a uniquely attributable track to 2019.

S+C+A+R+R – White Lies / What Do You Need ?

S+C+A+R+R’s debut project blasts retro into the future, like floating ’70s muscle cars or beat up Converse kicks that also blast you through the air. It’s classic French electronic sounds viewed through a lens pointed upwards and onwards, layered with dense synth strands weaving their way through the sonic atmosphere being created. “White Lies” feels like a robotic ballad where we’ve assimilated with A.I once and for all while “What Do You Need?” is like a beautiful closer to a romantic love story on screen. Both tracks revel in human emotions, and even with vocoder, feel more purely human than most music being made today. It’s a wonderful approach that I can’t get enough of.

There’s a certain point where you get tired of the white lies and question what *you* need. Why mask your emotions or thoughts for the benefit of another when the acidic nature eats away at your core? We need to live with openness and honesty in order to be as spiritual as possible, regardless of how it may impact someone else in the moment. I don’t think it’s selfish as much as its a human necessity in order to develop everyone as eventual beings of pure white light. There’s no ascension to your best form without growth along the way.

ARTY – Save Me Tonight

If there’s such thing as being late to the party on a track, I think it’d be ARTY’s beautiful “Save Me Tonight.” I’d seen it thrown around by my friends as a potential Grammy nominated track along with artists like Illenium and had to hear the buzz for myself, so I’m fully equipped to report that it’s worth the praise. The production is colorfully top notch, hitting all those emotional sweet spots with classic progressive chords, and the vocals have enough enormity to fill up Times Square with sound booming from flashing screen to screen. I’m disappointed that no one told me about this one sooner, but hey, it was definitely worth the wait and maybe it’ll be worth the wait for you too.

Who’s gonna save me tonight? No one person, that’s for sure. Our reality is contingent on self love and a connection with the universe that cosmically supplies support and willpower to get through every situation imaginable. Someone might be able to help point you toward that point of deep intuition, but they’re never going to be the savior or solver of all your problems and that’s okay. We’re all imperfect in our varying levels of natural chaos, but the perfect balance struck by infinitely expanding particles and vibrations ensure we always have something to lean onto.

Harry Nathan – Alright

Harry Nathan is a personal favorite who always one-ups his material, so it’s expected that he’d return with his best work yet. “Alright” is a self-proclaimed lofi disco cut that feels like Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories era dissolved into a distant transmission, coming from late 20th century radio waves making their way into 2019. It’s subtly catchy, hooking into the base of your brain and pulling you into the organic flow. The lyrics are fittingly reassuring for a song that sounds like audible comfort, wrapping you in its warm embrace and never letting go. “Alright” has been the perfect start to my Monday morning and I highly recommend that you welcome it into your early aughts too.

Everything is going to be alright. Everything in life is going well on the surface, but I’ve still managed to feel a bit lethargic and down. That being said, I know that the weight is temporary and brighter times are always ahead. I don’t feel trapped in a permanent state like I used to in the past. Our bodies, minds, and existence as a whole are constantly shifting – we live in a dynamic universe where expansion moves on into infinity. That gives me the reassurance I need to know that there’s always something positive coming next. It also helps me counteract that feeling of lethargy during the present and practice contrary action to making my present moment as positive as possible.

Else – Sequence, Pt. 1

Else’s new EP is cinema francês in a form that contends not with your eyes, but your ears. It’s the heady surreal nature of Noé, the intelligence of Godard, the tension of Kassovitz, all viewed through the lens of winding electronic music. Opener “Origine” feels like the birth state of cosmic  potential while singles “Night Thoughts” and “Back To 8” feel like a phantasmic entity wandering through sleepless Parisian nights. It’s an experience equal parts out of body and utterly grounded in the physical. I spent an extended period of my life in France and this record conjures up a whole list of emotions and memories across years spent in a foreign land that slowly became home. 

This EP brings out my interest in philosophy and film which I never really talk about much on here. I have a ton of passion for not just music but other forms of art too! I think we’re cheating ourselves of the full human experience if we only immerse ourselves in one form of entertainment which stimulates only one part of the vast potential in our brains. We need to quench the spirit, the desire for serotonin pumping gratification, and everything in between! I’ll be doing exactly that this weekend and hope you do too.

Publié le 26 Septembre 2019


01. Majick — Changes
02. Tycho — Pink & Blue (RAC Mix)
03. RAYE — Love Me Again
04. Sparrows — Do U Wanna Dance (Dugong Jr Remix)
05. U.S. Girls — Rosebud (Daniel T Dub)
06. ALTA — Twisted
07. Mahalia — Simmer (feat. Burna Boy) (Majestic Remix)
08. Giuseppe Lanni, Forrest — Take Away
09. Shigeto —  MCW
10. Snoh Aalegra — Nothing to Me
11. Rosemary Fairweather — Heavenly
12. Momo Ward — Voluntary Solitary (feat. Jasmine Kelly)
13. The Big Moon — It’s Easy Then
14. PVRIS — Hallucinations
15. Blair Lee — Brighter

OneRepublic – Future Looks Good (ARTY Remix)

ARTY has consistently been one of the best producers in electronic music for an extended period and he continues to show why on a remix that’s ready for festivals across the globe. He flips Ryan Tedder’s gorgeous vocals on “Future Looks Good” into a pulsating piece of bliss that feels like the widest smiles across a mass of people while mile-high strobes flicker across their faces. There’s a bit of irony with this one dropping during ARTY’s lawsuit claiming that Marshmello plagiarized his work, but hey, I suppose ARTY thinks his future is looking good there! At the end of the day, he’s not letting that hold him down and is releasing some really stunning stuff which i can seriously appreciate!

I have to say, I think the future looks good for me too. I have such a beautiful life with all of my needs fulfilled – wonderful friends, an increasingly comfortable home, a community where I can share my philosophical musings, a meditation home where I can go deep within myself. It’s really quite the rarity to have all your boxes checked off, but hey, that’s what a lifetime of really hard work will do for you. I really think we live on a sacred little rock called Earth where we can be our best selves both here and in the cosmic beyond. I know this post is a little all over the place today, but I’m basking in positive emotions and hope you’re feeling them too!