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Yoke Lore – Hold Me Down (Gilligan Moss Remix)

Happy New Year!  Sorry it has taken us this long to give you a 2017 post but you know how it is when you are deciding how you want the New Year to start out.  In my case everything came full throttle and not everything was folded perfectly as I would have liked it to be when I got to the other side.  Never the end of the world in my book.  In short we had some glitches with the blog as you may have noticed, posts disappeared, the music was put on hold, but the world would have to freeze over before we figure out a way to fix things and make you forget there was ever an issue…Issue? What issue? EXACTLY!

Moving on shall we!?  In my book a New Year means things are only going to get better.  We are always going to give you the same great quality of music, writing and emotion that we always have here but we have some surprises up our sleeve for the coming months, maybe some parties maybe some cool swag.  I don’t know, you all are just gonna have to stay tuned but it’s all gonna be great.  Whatever fears or worry or anger you might have going into this New year over what culminated months before, let it go people, you cannot predict the future as well all know, so live in the moment and try to focus on the great things you have, I know you all have something great you can focus your energy on.  Ignore all the negative hype on social media, on the news, in the paper, turn it all off and remind yourself why life is so fucking awesome and if that doesn’t work we will do our best here to make you remember!

So finally as I know you all have been patiently waiting, here is some new music Yoke Lore, if you aren’t aware here is a small bio:

Brooklyn Project Yoke Lore is the new musical venture of Adrian Galvin, previously of Yellerkin and Walk The Moon.  Yoke Lore layers the harmonies of Panda Bear, the soul beats of M83, and the modern pop of Blackbird to tell ‘the stories of how we are bound’. Galvin’s song starts with the folksy timbers of a banjo and add echoing waves of vocals and percussion to create unforgettable pop music with tactile sincerity and conviction.”

There you have it.  Thank you to everyone who supports and love this blog, we are going to keep grinding for you all and giving you more and more of what you want and need.

Happiest of New Years to you all, start it off good!

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