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Tag Archives: 80’s

Sade – When Am I Going To Make A Living (Poolside’s Tons of Drums Edit)

Futuristic people, that’s what interest me these days, nothing else. Look at how insanely fast technology is advancing. Don’t take your iPhone for granted man, that thing is nothing short of a miracle. My question though is how can we be getting so sophisticated in terms of tech and be a such a snail pace culturally? […]

Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)

A close friend of mine works at a radio station. He is sent hundreds of demos, albums and samplers each year. Most of those are summarily retired, but he still listens to a large percentage, if only for a few seconds. While catching up over Thanksgiving, he commented to me that everything he’s been getting […]

Pomrad – Pomslap

Pomrad is the alias of Antwerp based jazz keyboard player, rising producer, and solo performer Adriaan Van De Velde. As Pomrad, he is signed to London art label Earnest Endeavours, and released his “This Day EP” in April. His first release came in 2012, the “Vlotjes EP,” and garnered critical acclaim from the international community. […]

St Lucia – Elevate

It’s a beautiful, breezy, blue-sky day in Portland, the kind of summer day you always fantasize about when it’s February and you can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel cold, wet, or hunched over. It’s the kind of summer day that makes every experience seem memorable or important, even if it’s the same routine […]

Vibes – New Light

They say wanting something bad enough is all you need to make it happen. That that hunger is more important than anything else, even love, preparation or academics. Yearning for that new light and always being one step away from it. Almost, but not exactly there. We’ve all been there, or at least know someone that […]

Picture Book – Sunshine (Justin Faust Remix)

From the first listen I fell in love with this one. I know it sounds like a friday tune, but when music is this good, it works any good day. Justin injects a powerful 80’s influence to the happy-go-dancing original version – which I found out that the original version has additional production and mixing […]

Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy Remix)

In the fall of 1984 Billy Ocean released Caribbean Queen – also known as European Queen or African Queen depending in which part of the world it was released. Not only did it climb to the Soul Singles and Hot 100 #1 spots but how’s this for proof of its timelessness: In 2004, the song […]

Moonlight Matters – Come For Me

Have you ever heard a song where right from the first few seconds you think: What the heck is this? A punch to the stomach that you actually feel in your feet and makes you want to dance frantically. With an amalgamate of influences from some of your favorite musical decades and on top of […]

Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)

Bring out the spandex, the thick white socks and hightops, the neon apparel and don’t forget to put on that plastic Swatch watch (with the clip-on face protector of course). We’re on a ride to 80‘s thanks to the wonderful work Dimitri From Paris did on Little Boot’s original. The french maestro brings some of […]

Martika – Toy Soldiers

Classic 80’s ballad. Hands down the best track from her 1988 self-titled debut album. Step by step/ Heart to heart/ Left right left/ We all fall down, like toy soldiers” Martika – Toy Soldiers