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EMPT Exclusive – Full Moon: Mix De Lune

Ooooooo the excitement is raging in me as we speak.  Ever since I got word of the Full Moon party on Governor’s Island the anticipation has seemed like it’s going to last forever but alas the event is only two weeks away! Some of our favorite artist’s that we crave and love so much here […]

Aeroplane ft. Jamie Principle – In Her Eyes (Original Mix)

“And in her eyes, I saw why you fell for me. And i used to see it in your eyes It ain’t what it used to be. And in her eyes, I saw why you fell for me. And then i used to see it in your eyes Remember why you fell for me. Lost […]

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Oliver Remix)

  If I could assemble an Avengers-styled troupe of my favorite producers on this planet, Aeroplane and Oliver would be shoe-ins (along with Monsieurs Falke, Braxe, Terje, Breakbot, Flight Facilities, those robot suit guys, and…etc). That combination of ill music-making dudes would also make for a pretty nice festival lineup/mixtape/entourage. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve also been waiting […]

Processory – Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix)

My bad for the lack of post lately, I’ve been working on the music for a couple of restaurants one of which is nothing but top 40 and needless to say I’m not a 13 year old girl so the style is far from my forte. On top of that Casey Mendoza got asked to play […]

Aeroplane – Witout Lies (Breakbot & Black Van Remix)

I like new thoughts and Aeroplanes new single is certainly not your conventional point of view on lies. I’m all about putting on a show and adding theatrics to anything I do so I get what they mean. However, some people aren’t so open to loose interpretations of words, especially not of words that have negative connotations […]

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

I was originally going to make this post about Williamsburg trio Au Revoir Simone but the more I listened to this remix I realized I had to give the credit where it’s due, Aeroplane. Vito De Luca and Stephen Fasano are the Belgian DJ/Producer team that makes up Aeroplane and they have been topping the […]

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly

We can fly, come on let’s try… We’re boys and girls, who rule the world…” I can’t actually confirm it but this song might have been produced on a beach somewhere in Ibiza at 4 am.  We Can’t Fly was ironically produced by a band called Aeroplane, which is two dudes hailing from Belgium who […]