Entre Les Lignes by Cyrus Pavel: Al Kooper et Jay-Z – Love Theme/Soon You’ll Understand

Watching demolition man I am realizing one thing.  That even when I first saw this flick at the movie theatre back in 1993 I thought then it was just as corny as today yet still loved it! LOL.  Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone, the future, taco bell, and that hot black haired girl in the killer spandex… Oh yea, Sandra Bullock… back when she was HOT in a slutty way “you really licked his ass”…  The anticipation of possibly seeing her in a hot sexual position and maybe some form of brief nudity is what I can truly say was one of the key things that kept me watching. Anyway, time to turn the tube off and get to work!

Feeling Nostalgic I go back towards a gang of songs set up for play. Beat submissions for this rapper, entirely done song submissions for that pop star, records to review, records to reference, records to look out for and “Soon You’ll Understand” by Jay-Z… Yessss! BREAK TIME!  Play that:::

Listening to this awesomeness of a throwback, I love this record because Jay-Z puts himself at the vantage point of Manolo, who is Tony Montana a.k.a. Scarface’s best friend since Cuba. For those of you that haven’t heard, Scarface is a 1983 gangster film rated one of the top 10 gangster films of all time starring Al Pacino.  Google and Wiki the shit out of it and watch it afterwards if you haven’t.  Its quite the ride.  Tony (Al Pacino) & his best friend Manolo have a long history together as crimey’s and co-defendants tearing shit up! all in the name of Money, Power, and Pussy, way back since their law breaking days in Cuba.  Fast Forward to Miami as Manolo meets Tony’s younger sister, Gina during a visit to Tony’s mothers house. In the movie Cupid smacks Manolo in the face as he lays his eyes on Gina for the first time.  Completely mesmerized by her beauty, Manolo can’t conjure up two thoughts during the entire moment. After Tony returns to the car from speaking to Gina, Manolo comments on Tony’s little sisters “Beauty” and is quickly shut down by a loud yell and a subtle yet stern threat from his best friend/crime partner. As the song begins, Jay takes over and goes into some scenarios that although we don’t actually get to see see during the film, we safely assume take place.  Part of the entire grand finale to the movie is finding out that some of the things Jay-Z mentions, as Manolo in verse I of “Soon You’ll Understand”, surely took place.