Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Bufi Remix)

It’s been a few months since I was in the Dominican Republic. The last time I was there I played the closeout fashion week parties for Dominican Modo 2011 and all I remember is a bunch of rowdy islanders dancing and jumping around so hard that the floor was shaking with my DJ booth about to break down. Had it not been for all the Shave Your Legz cats holding it together as I tried to keep mixing I’m pretty sure things would have gotten ugly. My nostalgia for the good times and my Dominican tastemaker friend led me to their website where I ran into one of their latest mixes and decided to show some love. Below are a few of my favorite tracks for their latest playlists, if you’re not hip to it yet I highly recommend adding it to your list of things to follow, it’s nothing but good jams, enjoy.

Little Dragon –  Ritual Union (Bufi Remix)

Alex Winston – Guts (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Octobre 2011

After a month hiatus of Le Miel du Mois is finally back with it’s latest installment and man does it feel good to say that. I saw all the comments and got the emails, I missed it as much as you guys but Steph was in the process of leaving New York for London and I can only imagine how busy she must have been.

The LMDM tapes always seem to take me on this joyful ride of reflection and movement, I guess that’s why so many of us have come depend on it to get our months started.  It’s been a crazy two months around these parts, we’ve got more business then ever and it’s been quite the challenge to manage all of life’s offerings with equal care and attention. Not too long ago I would have felt overwhelmed right now but these days I’m all about welcoming challenges with open arms. When you want something you have to be willing to work for it, it takes discipline, constant adjustments and will but more importantly a perspective and understanding of process…

Flowers need water to grow, it gotta rain
And in order to experience joy you need pain
Every time a baby is born, somebody slain
You know the saying, somebody’s lose is another’s gain
The sun comes out when the water goes down the drain
When the rainbow in the cloud comes out we do it again…” Jay-Z (Gift & The Curse, Guns & Roses)

Anyways, this is another amazing tape completely in tune with the feeling of change offered by the season. So happy to have LMDM back, enjoy.

Its fall! The weather is perfect for some last minute solo strolls with this month’s LMDM. A lot of new artists included whose full EPs/albums are really worth the purchase. Be sure to check out more from Micachu & the Shapes, Ghostpoet, Breton, and 17 year old Zoo Kid. Also, some great new albums out including  The Rapture, M83 and Real Estate, all of which have some new tracks included in the latest mix.’

with love from London! xxx Steph…

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. M83 – Midnight City
  2. Micachu & The Shapes – Everything
  3. Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk
  4. Tokyo Police Club – All My Friends
  5. Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs (Jack Deezi Remix)
  6. Ghostpoet – Morning (Feat. Micachu)
  7. Handbook – Last Wish
  8. Breton – Kensington System
  9. The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love
  10. Real Estate – Green Aisles
  11. Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver Remix)
  12. Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (Crystal Fighters Remix)

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Treat My First Like My Last & My Last Like My First

I’m just, tryin to stay above water y’know
Just stay busy, stay workin
Puff told me like, the key to this joint
The key to staying on top of things is treat everything like it’s your first project, know what I’m saying?
Like it’s your first day like back when you was an intern
Like, that’s how you try to treat things like, just stay hungry” – Notorious B.I.G. Interview

I love hearing Biggie say that, it never fails to remind me how important it is to stay fresh, active and always pushing. Have you ever noticed how people always put their best foot forward in the beginning but when they get comfortable you’re left with a mediocre version of what you initially met. It’s amazing how we have the nerve to wonder why a boss might be unhappy or why a lover may lose interest.

The key is to treat everything like it’s your first project…”

Stability and routine are important aspects in the pursuit of happiness and success but repetition can kill you if that’s all you do. For example, remember that first time you went for a run after slacking for a while? You were dying but pushed your way to finish line and now that same run is no problem and you do it everyday. That’s good and all but if you don’t push yourself to feel like you did that first day every now and then you’re getting nowhere fast. You gotta find a way to put a little extra into the things you do because it makes all the difference. I mean if you’re going to do it just to get by what’s the point really? Also when you give something everything you have and it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to think twice about it. So don’t be afraid to show a little passion, go the extra mile or be exhausted after that workout. Always remember what the first time felt like and indulge in that feeling of newness and challenge, it will make your try harder and give more every single time and that’s where it’s at.

Anyways it’s Friday folks! I have all my boys coming to pre-game the evening, the weather in New York City is autumn bliss and there’s nothing but good music in the background, time to be unstoppable. I’ve been listening to the following collection of songs all morning and will probably continue to do so all day so I thought I’d share that with you, enjoy.

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (Crystal Fighters Remix)

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Feat. Lovefoxxx)

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris (VOODOO FARM DUBSTEP REMIX)

Chip Tha Ripper – The Truth

Birdy Nam Nam – Jaded Future

Pompeya – 90 (Korablove Remix)

Clubfeet – Last Words (RAC Maury Mix)

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Get Out There…

Excuse the lack of post this week, I was stuck in the Dominican Republic since Sunday because of Irene so now I’m back in the city playing catchup with my bizz. Anyways, I kept it under wraps but some of yall might have noticed that EMPT was shut down for a good 12 hours last week. Basically, we maxed out our traffic and bandwith limits, again! So once more, I was introduced to some seriously nerdy server system that we have to upgrade to in order to keep this shit afloat. That said, congrats for consuming so much damn music, it cost us a boatload but it makes me extremely happy to see that people are seriously tuning in.

I’ve been out and about more than ever in the last few months and it’s changed my whole outlook on things. Basically, life happens out there, so get out there. The internet makes everything so easy, you don’t have to go to the movie theatre to catch a flick, you don’t have to go outside to catch up with your friends and you can order food while doing that so you don’t have to interrupt your lounging. That’s all fine and dandy but as with all things balance is key so don’t spend your time imitating a life that’s right outside of your door. Technology is amazing but pale in comparison to nature and that mind blowing creations that we are.

Long story short stop looking at this screen and GO OUTSIDE! I’ll leave you with a playlist compliments of the good folks at, it’s perfect for this Friday afternoon, enjoy.

Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix) – Alex Winston

Set Sail (Worship Remix) – LexiconDon

Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix) – Hot Chip

All Of This – Naked And The Famous

Yellow Missing Signs – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

The Place Where You Belong – Lemonade

Slow Death – The Denzels

Ring My Bell (DJ Hotsauce Remix) – Donnis ft. Dev

Swimsuits Ft. Mayer Hawthorne – The Cool Kids

Singin’ – Cosmonaut Grechko

Music Remixes

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)

RAC released yet another solid remix earlier this month of Alex Winston’s Velvet Elvis. The track will surely put you in a upbeat mood despite if you’re being engulfed by Hurricane Irene this weekend or not. Enjoy.

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)

– Joel


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Avril 2011

I got an email from one of our readers telling me about a site that flat out ripped off the entire EMPT style, I mean we’re talking a straight bite here. I have no problem with people borrowing from us but completely stealing our names, concepts and vibe doesn’t make any sense to me. EMPT is a complete reflection of me and my friends and I won’t sit here and watch people pose as us –

You gotta see what I’ve seen, look where I’ve looked
Touch what I’ve reached, and take what I’ve took
You gotta go where I’ve gone, walked where I’ve walked
To get where I’m at to speak what I talk… – Beanie Sigel (The Truth)

I won’t say much about this but be yourself dude, think of your own ideas – if you want to use our stuff ask us and we’ll collaborate but don’t flat out steal, we love you but that’s just corny. We put a lot of heart into EMPT and that’s something you can’t duplicate. Take the time to do the same thing and it will get your site a lot further because in the end –

Biters can’t come near…” – Nas (Halftime, Illmatic)

Anyways, I’m a little taken by this so I’ll let Steph introduce yet another wonderful installment and my favorite mixtape in the entire world –

I’ve been lucky to have traveled a bit lately and had a lot of time to walk and just think and listen to both new and old. There’s a lot of electro-inspired tracks in this mix, but on the slower side of things- tracks I’ve listened to in my recent trips to Paris and London, walking alongside the grey skies and dim-colored collages. This isn’t a fast mix, it’s a much slower ride, getting ready for spring. It’s not quite here yet, but its coming…”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning
  2. Baths – Aminals
  3. Ellie Goulding  –  Lights (Shook Remix)
  4. Dark Colour – Don’t Let It Stop
  5. Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)
  6. Metronomy- A Thing for Me (Breakbot remix)
  7. Grandchildren- Cold Warrior
  8. White Hinterland- Icarus
  9. Elden Calder- Where You Go
  10. The Heavenly States  –  Model Son
  11. Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills
  12. Cults  –  You Know What I Mean
  13. Holy Other – We Over (Physical Therapy Extended Remix)
  14. Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)
  15. Isbells  –  Reunite
  16. Conner Youngblood – A Summer Song
  17. Lawrence Arabia – Look Like A Fool

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Alex Winston – Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)

Jaybird goes fantasy on this downtempo super chilled out remix of Alex Winstons Locomotive and I love it…

You locomotive – keep going, keep going no focus. slow down.”

I think we can all young and ambitious can learn a lesson from this song. We all want to accomplish so much in our lives which is great if you have a clear direction and plan. What usually happens though is that we overextend ourselves by trying many things hoping one sticks. You never want to stick all your eggs in one basket right? Like most things I think this mentality finds its roots in fear which I’m not sure about that saying anymore because to win big you have to bet big.

I’m callin guts everytime, drag my nuts everytime homie… – Jay-Z (Guess Whose Back)

Fear has no place in life. No matter what you do you must have confidence in your ability to perform and execute. That confidence will slow things down and you won’t have a need to always be on the go to feel like things are in motion. So to all my fellow entrepreneurs, sit back and play this song. Take a minute to breath and think about how powerful your drive and ambition is, then think about how much more powerful that will be if you hone it in and focus your energies, enjoy.

Alex Winston – Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)


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