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Milky – Just The Way You Are (Allen Walker Re-Write)


There’s nothing like a little feel good, uplifting tunage to kick off the week, and this Milky track is a definitely a box of fun. The original came out in 2002 and was (unbeknownst to me) a European dance hit with a pretty blunt message: don’t go a-changing.

Now, the mysterious, Cairo-based producer Allen Walker unearthed the hit, giving it one of his patented “Re-Writes.” Walker has a knack for taking popular tracks and editing in a slice of electro and disco elements to them. These edits excel because while Walker doesn’t drastically alter a cut’s foundation, he’s giving the tracks a new, weirdly modern feel to them.

Walker’s style and brand of music has been referred to as “Batman House”, as he’s prone to come swooping in with some flat out bizarre, Shinichi Osawa-ish sounds that will alter your perception. It’s unique, it’s complex, and it’s good.

This edit is definitely one of his calmer works, as his originals are a wild fusion of Electro, House, and Disco.  And like Shinichi–and Batman–you’ll either love or hate Walker. But I’m guessing it will be the former.

Milky – Just The Way You Are (Allen Walker Re-Write)


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