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Alphabeat – Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover)

Just like your local organic food store, we’re all about keeping things fresh. So we’re adding some themes to certain days. Yeah, we like creating expectation. So in addition to sample saturdays, we’re adding La Reprise De Mi-Semaine, a wednesday dedicated to a cover version of our choice bound to shake all of our preconceptions on musical generics.

Last night I had a dream about you. In this dream, I’m dancing right beside you…”

So Liverpool has been bit by a new type of dance. It’s called the “Freeze your tits off and slip on iced streets” dance. You see, the english aren’t used to having large quantities of snow fall, and lack the know-how and equipement to clear it away. So if you are daring enough to make it to the streets, you’ll see a crowd of people trying to walk at the slowest pace imaginable, slipping from one side and sliding to the other. It’s all rather poetic if you have the time to look out your morning window for a few minutes. Anyhow, Alphabeat’s acoustic rendition of Daft Punk’s Digital Love would be perfect to harmonize this new unintended dance by the freezing folk of the North of England. Seriously, its like watching children trying to walk for the first time. I’ve seen drunken lumberjacks walk a straighter line… Ok so this Danish pop band changed several details to naunce this Daft Punk Classic: indie kick drum, indie textured guitars, indie keys, and three part harmonies. So, indie punk goes daft? Or Daft Punk goes indie? In any case, keep an ear out for the beautiful vocal harmonies. And remember, Wednesday’s are the new Fridays. Enjoy.

And it looked like everyone was having fun. The kind of feeling, I waited so long … As we dance the feeling gets stronger. There’s nothing wrong with just a little fun. We were dancing all night long…”

Alphabeat – Digital Love (Daft Punk Remix)