Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Septembre 2012

A person named Hadders (if thats your real name) left this comment on our wall last week and it said…

Hi EMPT, I’ve been following EMPT for the last 2 years and my welfare depends deeply on your LMdM mixes. They’re unbelievable. Can’t wait for the next one and thanks for the music…”

That made my day and it got me going enough to wake up this morning and finally put together the September 2012 edition of LMDM and unbelievable would be the best way to describe it. As usual, Steph manages to make an amazing tape that is a complete 360 degree turn from the last –

Well, tell me then which of these various styles you think is the best then huh? 
The best I hear is the combined, the best of all styles. Put them together.”

I forget what movie I got that from but it’s the best way to try describe Stephs style – a constantly evolving blend of everything great music has to off.  I love that. If you take a look at the world around us, it seems like everyone is trying so hard to be something, to be classified, defined and identified. There are benefits to that and it certainly is comfortable and makes thing easy to understand but my problem with such thinking is that the second you become so defined you’ve instantly limited your experience. I’m not just talking about music here, it applies to all facets of life and can lead to severe lameness if not carefully observed. You ever meet someone who has it all figured out? It’s boring. The only thing constant is change and that scares a lot people but it’s a beautiful thing, the world keeps moving, everything grows and develops and in my mind that’s something to embrace. That’s the vibe LMDM gives me because I never know what to expect. Each tape continues to seduce and keep me on the edge and it’s wonderful. So Hadder (if thats your real name), I’ll join you in thanking Steph for this great experience. From start to end, month after month it truly is unbelievable, enjoy.

12 tracks for September. With one bonus. A month that rolls from one season to the next, September leaves us desperate to keep the sun but the season will change no matter how bad we might not want it to. heres to celebrating what was and whats to come… “

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)
  2. Elite Gymnastics – Here in Heaven
  3. ALPINE – Hands (Goldroom Remix)
  4. Yuno – Sunlight
  5. Night Panther – Snudge
  6. Silent Rider – I Was A Bomb
  7. Cheers Elephant – Leaves
  8. ODESZA – Above The Middle
  9. Chromatics – Circled Sun
  10. Teen Daze – The Future (Jess Ruins Remix)
  11. Pale Seas – Bodies (Tropics Remix)
  12. Work Drugs – License To Drive
  13. Bonus: Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Music Remixes Video

ALPINE – Hands (Goldroom Remix)

Let’s get this out of the way; I like to believe I’m a smart, clever, intuitive person; someone who can read into figurative language and see symbols for what they are in context, but this video completely threw my sense of relative intelligence off the first time I saw it. It’s like Sophia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides meets Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut house orgy. A menage of pastel colors and pretty, shut-in, seemingly inexperienced, potentially brainwashed girls combined with the premature sounding vocals of ALPINE make for something totally other-worldly, slightly unnerving, yet completely addictive.

It’s okay to feel the rings on my hand, my love, my enemy

Smokin’ on, fiery heart, smokin’ on, nobody’s here

Far words.”

The song itself is made of a total of 19 words. Their repeated phrases above combine into a hypnotic melody of sound that L.A.’s Josh Legg of Goldroom spins into a futuristic tribal dance. Where the original track takes on a more ethereal approach to the composition, Goldroom’s approach is honest dance. Keyboards bounce over a sharp drum and marimba while ALPINE’s vocals are mixed and overlaid on top of one another creating a sound that jives through your whole body. The airy sound of the original is kept and lends itself to the space-age vibe this track gives off.

Maybe it’s just me, but I imagine that if some extraterrestrials were to come chill on earth, they’d be playing this song. It’s opiate effect on the body would have us moving and easy targets if they decided to invade and all that. Although now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind getting abducted by aliens who played tracks as good as this – at the very least I’d be surrounded by quality tunes.

As for now? This is a brainwash worth having wherever you are in your day.

ALPINE – Hands (Goldroom Remix)