BlakRoc – What You Do To Me (Feat. Billy Danze, Nikki Wray, and Jim Jones)

Just some bad ass blues rock for no cot damn reason. Jim Jones, The Black Keys, Billy Danze (M.O.P.) & Nikki Wray, I mean…

This type of shit it (doesn’t) happen everyday.” – De La Soul (Ego Trippin’)

Dame Dash was on to something and had it not been for bad politics a lot more great music like this may have made its way to the airwaves. That’s why as fake and lame as it is to play the game, you always have to remember that in life we’re dealing with egos left and right. Not only those of others but also our own. Often times we can be our own worst enemies and so learning when to hold strong is equally as important as knowing when to fall back. A good team mate knows his role and a good team knows it’s goal, everything in between is usually egos at play and counterproductive to the objective. As we journey to accomplish great things in our efforts to contribute to the human experience, it’s important to realize that to create something worthy of the world we must step outside of ourselves at all times during that process.

Anyways, as I sit in my office playing this much louder than anyone around me would like I can’t help but think of New York. I mean this track is gushing NYC. Raw, dirty, edgy, soulful and resilient. Anything is possible in NY man, I love that energy. Like every other kid I use to hop the train growing up to save a few bucks for snacks at school, that’s one memory. Another is me and Cyrus riding around Manhattan in a Maybach club hoppin’ and having the time of our lives. I love that, I really do.

I’ve been on a constant come up since I was aware of it, hustlers spirit within me I’m never quite satisfied or comfortable. Innovating, being artful and creative to survive becomes engrained in you.

All I see is new to me…”

You seek that spirit in those around you, it’s a beautiful thing. Anyways, play this shit, get hyped, much to do.

BlakRoc – What You Do To Me (Feat. Billy Danze, Nikki Wray, and Jim Jones)