Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out

It’s not the norm here at EMPT for us to feature a radio rip of a song. But when it’s this good, we’ll take what we can get. And even moreso when we (or Russ for that matter) know the destiny of this leak and if it will ever see an official release. That said, who is he kidding? What label wouldn’t kill to release this?

Russ Chimes’ spanking new original production somehow made it into the radio, specifically Annie Mac’s Special Delivery.

Turn Me Out is an anthem, and not your bubble gum prog house anthem, no. It’s a song of epic proportions with soaring vocals and a rise and first break that hits you like a heart attack. The quality, the layers and the incredible attention to detail in every song he crafts is definitely his secret sauce. I will bargain most of the words that I’d normally put down on a write up for these, because I think that with them I am sumarizing everything I’d like to share with you about this Russ Chimes punk:

If he actually releases this tune before 2012 ends he will have become my selection for the Best Breakthrough Producer of 2012. And it only took him 3 singles singles (see Back 2 You and Never Look Back).



And I daydream in school with faraway eyes…” – Journey

Appropriately the rain has stopped in the big city and the evening of Noctambule is upon us. The RSVP’s have been overwhelming and I can’t tell you how flattered we are to get such a big response. I grew up in show business and if there’s one thing I learned from an all too long childhood career was the value of putting on show. With Et Musique Pour Tous all I want to do is give you guys the absolute best quality, with our parties I wan’t to do the same, with all my businesses my main concern is caliber, the kind that’s never been seen before and I’ll continue in that pursuit till the fat lady sings. I was born for this business and I still get all my ideas from daydreams, this site was one of them, Noctambule was another and I want to thank you guys for letting me do it. I’ve lived a very special life thanks to show business and I’ll do everything I can do return the favor. EMPT is bigger then I will ever be able to realize because I still manage it from Riverplace, I still write everything myself and I still obsess everyday about making it better…

Still the beat bangs, still doing my thang
Since I left, ain’t too much changed, still…” Dr. Dre (Still Dre, 2001)

Ok now let’s get the party started early, Breakbot just released a fresh to death 5 minute minimix I’m posting in honor of tonights festivities. The tape is from the infamous Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1 and is literally one of the tightest well mixed sets you’ll ever here. Thibaut Berland is on fire. I’ve figured out most of the tracks but I’m still missing a bunch, if anyone recognizes them check it with mine and leave a comment.

For all those coming out tonight, let’s f&*kin’ do this!

Breakbot – 5 Minute Minimix (The Annie Mac Show)

Breakbot – A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)