Ashe – Moral of the Story: Chapter 2

I’ve been raving about Ashe endlessly for years now and she keeps proving herself with every release. It’s so amazing to maintain such a high level of quality while consistently shifting and evolving her sound, from the days of being our favorite electronic topliner, to sunny indie-pop, to deep and introspective tunes with the ability to move entire rooms on increasingly larger tours. It’s no mistake that she’s fostering such a passionate and dedicated fanbase that’s hanging on to her every word because her music is not only open and honest lyrically, but you can hear the sincerity in every chord struck instrumentally. Off this new EP, I think my favorites are “Immature” which almost feels like a fairytale play production deserving of a synchronized dance routine and the slow build into a super dramatic conclusion on “Now How It’s Supposed To Go”. She’s documented a tragic journey on her two EPs this year and I know we’re all so grateful to get a glimpse into her perspective and world.

It’s really nice to kick off the week listening to an artist I love after setting the tone with a spiritual weekend that deepened my connection with the universe. I went to a class where I learned some really powerful practices that quenched my love for helping others in the short term and is going to allow me to provide insight for others in the long term. I was also of service to someone who needed serious help and was able to not just give them advice, but be a friend that they needed while coming out of a dark spot in their life. I’m really riding a wave of positivity right now and I’m happy to spread that to anyone reading this! Have a great week everyone!

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Ashe – Cold In California

It’s been a while EMPT readers! I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you about this Ashe single that blew me away and made one of my favorite artists feel not just like a musician but a magnetic personality who’s really caught me in her gravitational pull. This one is a purely acoustic piece that finds Ashe in her lonesome, contemplating the array of emotions she has about herself and about her home. It’s a fitting topic to muse over an acoustic guitar, timeless while being so uniquely Ashe all throughout. I was talking with a friend who’s also an Ashe fan and we both remarked how every single song she releases gets stuck in our heads after just one listen. She’s such a pure songwriting talent who’s truly positioned for indie stardom.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for two decades and I’m still not sure if I love this city or not. It’s a constant push and pull – some days I’m in love with the ocean, other days I’m baffled by the traffic; some days I’m in love with the arts scene, other days I’m dismayed by how awful the public transportation is; some days I’m in love with the grit and authenticity of groups that make the culture here tick, other days I feel at a loss when it comes to the vapidity of the powers that be, especially what I’ve seen grow since I first arrived. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a perfect city, especially when 4 million people of all different walks of life and strewn across vast swathes of land, so maybe all of those issues can be seen as the tragic beauty that make this metropolis tick? I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud, but I agree with Ashe that it indeed sometimes feels emotionally cold in California. Here’s to heating things up.

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Ashe – Used To It

“Sick of all the issues…”

Why I’m not in love. It comes with issues. The side effects and prolonged trauma of co-existence. My view is dark, I don’t deny it. Relationships I’ve had still grind me with apprehension — was I too removed? The sex was good…mostly? Should I have been more attentive? Jealous? Thoughtful?

Fuck it, they’re done. Skeletons in the closet. But I can’t blame people for their reactions to me, there’s honesty there — lovers, friends, enemies. Fuck 90% of most people’s opinions, too often distorted and uninformed…but that remaining 10% can be harsh to look at, because it carries truth. They were probably right about me, their criticism justified. I’m not easy to be in love with, and neither were they!

I guess that’s what Ashe is saying in her debut banger (on Mom + Pop records), you can’t escape the issues. Whoever thought a relationship was a joyride was on drugs — love is work. But the highs beat the lows, and at the end of the day we just need to get used to it if we don’t want to end up alone.

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