Coolrunnings – San Dimas Oasis

Back in the day when I wasn’t out of town doing something music related I would spend all my time riding around New York City like a madmen. My cousin and I would get up and from sun up till sundown we would be on the road and terrorizing the sidewalks and streets of NYC like no other. Looking back I don’t know how I didn’t die cutting off a cab or bunny hopping a pothole in the middle of traffic. There was no purpose to our adventures, we didn’t know where we were going and at the time didn’t know the city so well so everything was a discovery. Cell phones weren’t common yet so it was just us our BMX’s and the big city ahead of us.

There’s something about this song that brings back that feeling of being down at Battery Park hanging with all the skaters, bladers and punk girls. Nowadays I look at my calendar and everyday is planned, flight here, meeting there, there isn’t a moment when I don’t know where I’m going, what I’m doing or at least what I’m supposed to be doing. Anyways, somehow this song brings me back to that fearless era and I think it’s about time for me to focus on recreating that type of oasis…

Try to imagine a place where you wouldn’t feel scared
Try to escape to a place that you know is not there…”

Those are some very powerful lyrics right there and I could really talk about it for days but unfortunately there’s much to do on this Thursday afternoon. Press play on this one and start the process of creating whatever it is you want, enjoy.

Coolrunnings – San Dimas Oasis