Cardiknox – Bad Boys

“Why do I fall for the bad boys, maybe I’m not such a good girl.”

This song speaks to me.  I mean literally it’s telling my story in terms of my dating life.  It’s actually kind of a depressing subject , maybe more dark comedy, but this track really gives the subject a happy feeling.  I cannot stop listening because the lyrics just ring me in to very recent situations.  I am not really sure why I go for the bad boys.  It’s a question I ask myself all of the time because I am not a bad girl, in all honesty not to toot my own horn but you would think I would be the type of girl most men would want, well nice men.  The bad ones don’t care about loyalty, honesty, and pure love.  I dated nice guys before but always got bored with them, isn’t there a happy medium, like a bad boy with nice tendencies? Who knows, I am probably asking too much, but for some reason I do keep going back to these bad boys, these narcissictic assholes who charm me like crazy in the beginning and then fizzle into their true self ones they see the love in my eyes.  I am sure a therapist would tell me I have daddy problems or something way to obvious along those lines.  I think I just like the adrenaline rush, these bad boys sure do keep me on my toes!

I am really digging the vibe of this track and whether you are in the most amazing relationship (I hate you..just kidding), or like me and still longing for that sexy bad boy…or girl, this one’s for you friend! xx