Trails and Ways ft. Harriet Brown – Downright (Falcon Punch Remix)

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As I was half-watching Roger Federer dissect Andy Murray this weekend, one word came to my mind: finesse. It’s why Federer is the best to ever play tennis. It’s why LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan. It’s why John Stockton was better than Gary Payton. It’s why I prefer Pink Floyd to The Rolling Stones.

The ability to finesse and massage your talents and view things from not just a liner, physical line but from a more preternatural, unique way can make all the difference.

My boy Falcon Punch is no John Stockton, but the kid’s got finesse, and it’s a finesse you won’t find on generic EDM house bangaz or some recycled tropical house.

It’s why Falcon Punch is lush. The budding producer’s latest twist is another smooth, balearic one. Yes, it’s how he’s moving (give us more disco), but it’s a proper, nuanced formula with real thought and emotion.

And it’s one that continues to win:

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Music Remixes

EMPT Premiere: DJ CAM – Uncomfortable (REFLEX Remix)


Situationally speaking, we’ve all been there. Finding ourselves in uncomfortable positions followed by a reassurance that —in the end— we’ll be OK. The not so good reality about that is that sometimes it’s more wishful thinking than an actual foreshadowing with any degree of certainty of a desired outcome.

We’ve been yearning the balearic sea disco avec that sexy touchez français that is REFLEX. That’s why EMPT is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new remix for DJ CAM’s Uncomfortable. The clash between the funky electro-disco personality with the balearic looks is a fusion not found in many places and sonically, we can almost taste the sand, the sea and the blue sky on this one. André and Ludmilla (the duo behind REFLEX) watermark this remix with their signature vintage synth chord progressions and it makes me smile. There’s something very rewarding about a fresh new production with a hint of something you can tell apart and claim as “the REFLEX sound”.

This track will be officially released in exactly one week from today but you can enjoy it and get it starting today by clicking the link after the jump. As you read this they are halfway through their US tour and I couldn’t stress enough the fact that you should catch their show if it’s anywhere near your locale. I’ve been wanting to see them live since I first heard about them.

Here’s a list of the shows left on this leg of the tour:

03/13 : Gold Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
03/14 : The Garden,  El Paso, TX
03/15 : SXSW Geisha Room ( Nubase Showcase )

03/16 : SXSW Nook Amphitheatre – Live

03/22 : The Next Door, Honolulu Hawaii – Live

DJ CAM – Uncomfortable (REFLEX Remix)