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Lollapalooza and then Some

A week later and the hangover of Lollapalooza has finally subsided. Not the partying kind, the music kind. You get withdrawals after a weekend like that. To be honest, the rumors are true about it. It is the most organized festival you can go to and it’s clean. You almost welcome the dirt after a […]

Neil Young – Old Man (Sound Remedy Remix)

  Road tripping down south to the sandy dunes of the Outer Banks. We’ve made this a tradition of painful laughter, heavy drinking and tangled relationships. But the friendships remain true and I wouldn’t trade these people for the world. Passing between walls of wind and sand with nothing ahead but a stretch of slow […]

Johnnyswim – Heartbeats

What I really liked about this track and that reeled me in was how the lyrics are not complicated at all in the context of feelings. Yet it expresses, in a very unique way, a feeling that most of us experience but don’t express – or don’t know how to put into words-: that moment […]

Band Of Horses – The Funeral (Butch Clancy Remix)

I love Dubstep but some of it is so intense that I have to listen in doses, I mean the production style is so technical, compressed and wonderfully robotic that it leaves you yearning for a little human touch. Recently though, the theme with dubstep has been fusion and an eclectic and delightfully interesting array of remixes […]