Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

I may go to places I have never been to

Just to find the deepest desires in my mind.”

Two Door Cinema Club is back and their recent move to LA seems to have done them well. This track – released this week – comes straight from their sophomore album, Beacon (set to release September 3rd). Can I just say that I love love love this track? It’s been the song I play as I get dressed, when I need a break at the office, when I make dinner, even when I’m showering. The drum kicks in right off the bat and there’s no turning back once Alex Trimble stumbles over the track’s first lyric, “No…” The guitar is light as Trimble explains how his bliss is found via sleep. The guitar picks up as the lyrics become a chant – almost as a means of convincing himself that what he’s saying is true. The chorus is pure pop-rock. It takes you high for a verse then lightly sets you down only to pick you back up with the refrain.

There’s a sense that Trimble likes being alone when he sleeps. He’s a solitary explorer in his head and through sleep is he able to truly come to terms with himself; his wants and needs. This isn’t a down-on-your-luck-because-I’m-alone song. It’s an anthem for solitude. Indeed, he does call to be held but I think he’s calling to his thoughts to cradle him to sleep. He’s confident in himself when he’s asleep. I don’t know ’bout y’all, but all my friends seem to think love is in the air and are pairing off left and right. Perhaps I’m too cynical or not that easy, but I’m in the same boat at Trimble. Would I like to not be sleeping alone? Yeah, but this songs reassured that it’s okay the other side of my bed isn’t occupied – I’ll just sleep in the middle…or something. It is sleep that keeps our minds fresh. I’m a firm believer that what we see in our sleep shows us what we truly long for in our awakened state. And this track will – ironically – wake you up and keep you going until you return to bed…alone or not.

Let it be known that I was worthy.”

Perhaps Trimble and myself both need a little reassurance that despite our escapism at night, we are indeed worthy while awake.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone