Billie Eilish – Bellyache

Billie Billie Billie can’t you see, how your words just hypnotize me? I thought BLU J’s remix of “Six Feet Under” was an absolute banger, but Billie Eilish’s newest has me uncontrollably pressing the replay button over and over again. “Bellyache” is like someone went through my brain, found everything I like about music, and wrapped it all up into a hell of a song…an absurdly catchy but honest voice, smooth as butter production, and a chorus that has a perfect electronic kick. It’s pop fucking perfection!

Also, I’m usually not one to be super into album artwork but can we just talk about the vibes going on here…Eilish looks like street punk, streetwear, and Kill Bill Vol. 1 all came together to make a new aesthetic. If that’s the future of fashion then count me in! That’s also a good way to look at Eilish’s music…everything she’s doing has been done before in one way another, but the way she brings it all together is just so damn unique. If she’s making art this good with tools from the past at her disposal, I can only imagine what she’ll have in store for us down the road…

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