Kaizen – Bloom

“Bloom” feels like a nostalgic haze where your wildest dreams can come true. The lead-synth has a hypnotic groove that’s complemented by keypad sounds one instant, an existential interview sample the next, exuding a feeling of the terrestrial and the beyond in the same breath. The sense of wonderment is wonderfully overwhelming as it leads to a place where mental images aren’t even conjured. Instead, it’s sonic sensory overload from a track that hints at exponential bliss.

It specifically reminds me of when I’d lay down on a hill in my hometown’s park and stare up at the stars. It was always a beautiful sight that would inspire thoughts about my place on Earth and my place in the great beyond. It’s been impossible to recreate those moments in my adult life for extended periods, although they do come in short excerpts, like when I look up at the moon and think about the Earth’s hold on a celestial object, or when I hear songs like “Bloom”.

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Beach House – White Moon (JAQUES Remix)

Beach House has provided a steady flow of a particular brand of dream pop for the last eight years and, most recently, released its fourth studio album Bloom on Sub Pop. It some cases, however, its refreshing to revisit something you may have missed or just forgot. White Moon was released in 2010 on an iTunes Session EP, and previous to this remix, I had never heard it.

Vocalist Victoria Legrand carries a deep, soothing resonance while she plays the keyboard and Alex Scally maintains a bright constancy on guitar. Beach House, for me, has always been for that quiet afternoon of reflection or for moments when solitude seems the only option. But JAQUES opens up a new door for White Moon. He adds some grit and bite to the originally sentimental tone, and the confusion and heartbreak of the lyrics is felt a little deeper.

Down the hill I looked so fast
Feel the moon, it doesn’t last
Troubled boy and lucky girl
Bring me back into your world

Call your name when you are gone
Longest night before the dawn
Hard to catch this side of you
Do you want me two on two?

White moon beam on my back.”

JAQUES is out of Austin, TX and has been relatively quiet since last year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he hits me soon with something just as tastefully, groove-worthy as this. Enjoy the weekend, and don’t dance too hard.

Beach House – White Moon (JAQUES Remix)