bodyimage – choke

Have you ever wished pain upon someone? Have you ever encouraged the universe to send unflinching karma in the direction of someone who you thinks deserves it? If so, this is a fitting soundtrack to your voodoo-doll ethos. bodyimage have revealed a subtly vicious single called “choke” that feels like the metallic grind of industrial tension converted into a structure that sticks in your brain like glue. There’s moments to breathe when the vocals take centerstage and a sense of relief creeps in, but it’s quickly crushed into dust as the darkness encroaches once more. The song eventually devolves into the repetitious “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna make you choke,” like the moment when anger overwhelms your brain and it’s the only possible thought or emotion you’re registering in that moment.

It’s easy to thrive off of anger. It’s an easy emotion that for some reason comes naturally to us as humans. That creeping sensation of tension rises up through your body before exploding into a full-blown feeling in mind and body. A lot of anger can be irrational, but we are occasionally faced with seething, seeing red moments that come from a justifiable position in the push-and-pull of human connection. Music like “choke” is so valuable because it allows you to expunge those sensations from your body into art, and ideally, function as catharsis that comfortably grapples with a purely negative emotion before creating space in yourself to move on from the negativity. There’s also something to be said for returning to music with revenge in mind that can help relieve tension in your life time and time again. I’ll definitely be returning to “choke” again when I need a moment of removal and reprise.

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