Lo-Fi-Fnk – Marchin’ In

I got an email last week telling me about the new Lo-Fi-Fnk song but I put it to the back burner because of the madness happening with the Grammy’s, how unfortunate because this track is great. Most of you will remember LFF from their 2006 EP Boylife, an album which sounds absolutely nothing like this track, in a good way. The sudden change in style is causing mixed reviews, however we totally welcome exploration, growth and their ability to switch it up and give us something new.

People fear what they can’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer, I guess it’s just a theory of man…” – Nas

Anyways, this is yet another Swedish electro-pop band hitting us with amazing music. This track feels perfect for this Wednesday morning, enjoy.

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Marchin’ In

Bonus: Here’s The End, my favorite track from Boylife.

Lo-Fi-Fnk – The End