Girls – Heartbreaker

When I said that I loved you honey, I knew that you would break my heart…”

I’m not one to fall for the simple love songs, most of the time I prefer a little poetry and metaphor in my romance but there’s something about this track and the weird fall/winter season of NYC that fits the mood right now. There’s also something about Christopher Owens’ delivery that make the simplicity and direct nature of the lyrics justified.

No idea’s original, nothings new under the sun. It’s never what you do but how it’s done.” – Nas

Kinda reminds me of Bob Marley lyrics, so simple and direct yet for some reason full of meaning and depth. Alright, just want to put this one up while it was fresh in my dome. Heartbreaker is from the new Girl Broken Dreams Club EP which is worth the listen, enjoy.

Girls – Heartbreaker