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Charles Bradley – Why Is It So Hard (live on KEXP)

Then I moved to Brooklyn, New York Had hard times…But sometimes I hold on… Some days I feel pretty weary; there’s only so much a human can do for other people before she breaks. Grown up responsibilities got me down this week. Not enough time for the work I love and for the brain stretching […]

Delicate Steve – Flyin’ High

More often than not, we find ourselves in situations where we end up taking our bodies for granted. Our minds tell us to take in as much as we can — whether it’s food, work, art, exercise, sex, social media, alcohol or any of the other hundreds of things we interact with. And I’m definitely […]

Robert DeLong – Basically, I

The live show that Robert DeLong put on the other week at Music Hall of Williamsburg quite simply, knocked the socks and shoes and possibly jewelry, off my feet and body. I won’t lie, I had a preconceived notion that DeLong was going to be a mostly dub-steppy DJ with a very electronic live show. I was happily surprised to find […]

Kate Boy – The Way We Are

The first thing you’ll notice about this song is the drums. The driving drums, while not tribal, certainly inspire tribal movement. Uninhibited swaying, limbs akimbo, and pure delight, is what I experience when I listen to this song. The lyrics are a slap to the face, but not in a negative way. They demand your […]

Hiatus Kaiyote – Ocelot

Sometimes a really beautiful and musically talented friend will tell you to listen to a band that they know you’ll love, like really love, and sometimes, you space out and forget to do that for months. And then one day, you re-discover the band on accident and it just happens to be the same week […]

Savoir Adore – Sea of Gold

Today deserves a little bounce in your step and a little smile in your heart. You’ve earned it. I believe that the outside tends to reflect what’s going on inside, in several regards. When you treat your body badly, you look bad. Skin, hair, weight — these all suffer. I think the same thing happens […]

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Waulking Song

Oh man oh man oh man I’m so stoked about this track. I don’t know when I first heard it, I think it was New Years Eve to the credit of one of my favorite people. But it also might not have been New Years Eve, all I know is that someone played this song at some […]

No Way Josie – Freakness/Album Release

I have something special and brand new for you all today! Singer/Songwriter, trainer, Soul Cycle master, bike messenger, believe me the list goes on with what this girl Kym Perfetto can do!  Kymnonstop to be exact because that is exactly what she is NON-STOP!  I had the pleasure of meeting Kym almost 2 years ago […]

EMPT Premier: Vensaire – Apollonian

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get this gem in my inbox from our friend Jessica over at The Participation Agency, thanks Jess! We are happy to be premiering Vensaire’s new video for Apollonian, it’s definitely a trip but a good one.  If you haven’t been properly introduced to Vensaire just yet.  “They’re Brooklyn-based. Sound is Japan […]

Scattered Trees – Four Days Straight

This end of the month has never been more insane in my entire life. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed, happy, confused, and emotional all at once. Regardless, without the end of the month, I would not have discovered these three new artists. Scattered Trees, Rubblebucket, and Caveman are all playing shows in the middle of […]