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20syl – Kodama

Lorsque l’on cherche le sommeil le soir, on pense à tout et à rien à la fois. Face à soi-même, toutes les portes de notre subconscient s’ouvrent. J’imagine bien cette musique m’accompagner, le temps d’une nuit dans les méandres de mes rêves. Puis me réveiller et tout oublier.  Elle est toute aussi mystérieuse, entraînante et […]

Zero 7 – Mr. McGee

Okay you guys, here’s the thing. Every single one of you has done something for yourself that you completely and one hundred percent supported. Whether that was a self-indulgent vacation to a foreign place you’ve never been to, a large purchase of technology, or a new experience, you know what that feeling is. I currently have […]

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Mai 2013

How often do we forget the value and power of our individuality? I mean it’s not something one dwells upon daily but do you realize that your genetic makeup is one of a kind and that every feeling, emotion, thought, inclination or breath you have is unique to you an only you? I’m not talking about corny stuff […]

C2C – Happy feat. Derek Martin

Well, seeing as I just danced for like two whole minutes at my cat to this song, I think it’s only fitting that I write about it. I also want to talk forever and ever about their live show which I attended on Thursday at Irving Plaza. But I won’t talk forever, I promise. There’s […]

C2C – Delta

A couple of months ago, CP asked me what my favorite track of the summer was. My response was none other than C2C’s Down the Road. With the perfect combination of vocals and tripped up beats, one can expect anything from a head bob to a full out no regrets dance session in the middle of a […]

C2C – Down The Road (Cherokee Remix)

About a month ago I shared with EMPT the lovely likes of C2C , and I’ve got a remix that will blow your mind. Cherokee brings you a sexy take on a track that I’ve decided is my favorite track of the summer. Why? Because it does a few things. One, it brings the funk. How can […]

C2C – Down The Road

Holy. If it was possible for a track to be as hot as the weather outside, I think it would be this track. Like if fire could be translated to the literal notes and turntable rhythms of a song, it would exist in one’s ears as this song. Oh my sweet heavens. There are few […]