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Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

In an era of overnight celebrity, we tend to take the difficult road for granted. It’s easy to listen to a track on Spotify and never know who the artist is, let alone their story. How many nights did they sleep in a dingy van, schlepping from town to town, trying to make ends meet […]

Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking

  When I first heard “Caught Me Thinking,” I imagined a Vampire Weekendesque trio, nonchalant in skinny jeans, picking out lo-fi WASPafarian knockoffs. That’s not a bad thing. At first listen, the track is a light plinky plank riff that doesn’t exactly capture the memory. It’s breezy undercurrent flows through barroom breakdowns and little disco […]

Born Ruffians – Needle

  I belong to no one, like the watermelon Rolling with momentum  Spitting out its seeds Buried under snow and waiting just to show us How it grows and knows how yummy it will be.” I’m 100% on board with any song that opens with a verse personifying a watermelon. Also, any song that uses […]