Jacob Banks – Chainsmoking

Chainsmoking is something I enjoyed *a bit* too much during my smoking days. One cigarette was nice but once I got that buzz and calming relief I just wanted more and more of it (here’s to addictive personalities!!). After months without smoking, I recently picked up a couple packs during a stressful stretch and realized I was going straight back to my old ways…even if I was hanging out with friends and enjoying myself I still felt the need to go chief down a couple cigarettes because they were giving me a buzz that my body couldn’t naturally. That might not seem like a big deal to some people but I know myself well enough to see the path I was going back down…

Fortunately I caught myself and am learning to be content with things that make me feel naturally happy like good company or good music. Jacob Banks’ newest “Chainsmoking” is a perfect example of something that makes me feel naturally great. The guy has a ridiculously powerful voice with so much soul that would sound amazing over classic tracks just as much as it does over this song’s modern approach…I love autotune and vocal effects a ton but damn, it’s phenomenal to hear a dude come through with such a naturally attention-grabbing voice! I hadn’t heard of him til this song came out but there’s no doubt I’m gonna be anxiously waiting to hear whatever he graces us with next!!

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