Charlz – Amaze Me

Australia is producing some of the best voices in pop right now (i.e. Kota Banks, Nicole Millar, Muki, etc.) and Charlz fits perfectly into that rising movement. Her newest “Amaze Me” is a beautiful blend of airy production giving room to breathe for her stunning vocals which naturally ebb and flow throughout the track with precision, constantly seeming like she’s reached the perfect peak then taking things a step further. Amidst all of the pop music geared toward maximizing Spotify numbers and playlist placements, this is a total breath of fresh air that feels like pop at its most sonically and lyrically honest, staying true to form.

It takes a lot to amaze me these days. I have so many memories as a kid where I was stricken by amazement – seeing Times Square during a blizzard, walking around London, walking through Boston to name a few. These days it feels a lot harder to attain those moments of awe – maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s the after effects of depression, who knows. What I do know is that I’m a lot more appreciative when they come, like touring the town where Twin Peaks was filmed and stepping into the sheriff’s station – THAT was a moment of awe and a spiritual experience that can’t be replicated and I will cherish for a lifetime.

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