CHERUB – Hold Me (feat. Dominic Lalli)

I don’t know about y’all but I don’t have a problem with Mondays. There’s something about waking up and beginning a new week that excites me. Maybe I’m alone in this thought, but I have a real problem with Tuesdays. Personally, Tuesday is a hellish day. Monday has passed – which is great – but when Tuesday comes it’s like eating left-overs knowing that a fresh home-cooked meal is on its way. Tuesday is tease-day in my opinion. It doesn’t carry the cliche baggage Monday carries nor does it have the “YIPEE it’s hump day!” excitement Wednesday holds; it’s just kind of there. I’d rather have Tuesday off than any other day of the week.

That’s where CHERUB comes in. In their track, Hold Me, they sing about living in dream land rather than reality. This is Tuesday for me. I’d much rather dream my way through the second day of the work week than live it, and if someone cute was dreaming next to me than hey! added bonus. This track is the complete Monday night package: mellow with a beat you can sway to. The chorus isn’t a desperate plea to some lover, it’s an honest demand delivered in falsetto.

I don’t wanna wake up
just wanna keep my eyes shut
how long can i sleep with you here right next to me
come live love
dreams as fake as makeup
but who cares if theyre made up
fuck reality, its much better in my sleep
eyes stay shut.”

Really…who can deny that? With a sick keyboard driving the melody and Dominic Lalli telling us to skip the day with him, your Monday night blues may disappear ’cause come tomorrow you’re going where he’s going (hopefully…maybe – don’t call in sick ’cause I don’t want to be held accountable; I’m just serving ya good tunes).

Congrats on getting through Monday and the first weekend of July! Even if you have work tomorrow, you’ll have CHERUB to play when you need an escape and/or dance break.

F*&k reality its much better in my sleep.”

No truer words were ever sung.

CHERUB – Hold Me (feat. Dominic Lalli)