Chilly Gonzalez – You Can Dance (Gemini Club Remix)

There’s a beautiful moment 31 seconds into this song that completely captures the way I feel right now – live fast…

One life to live, notice you get no sequel. So I truly got to live this like my last movie.” – Jay-Z (Hola Hovito)

I have no interest in taking my time anymore, instead I want to challenge that concept and do things as fast as possible with no compromises. The world we live in is fascinating and the possibilities are endless, that’s something I don’t want to take for granted. Life is to good to ever be mad or sad but we give some things so much meaning that we make it hard for ourselves. Take a walk on the beach, give that meaning. Go outside for a run and look at the trees, think about how nice it is you can run, some people can’t do that. There’s so much so appreciate yet just as much to help us forget.

Anyways, not trying to get all hippie on yall but music like this brings good thoughts so I’m going to make sure I keep it in rotation. Gemini Club killed this remix with a simple but energetic and engaging arrangement that just makes you want to go, go, go.

Let’s keep the party going…”

Chilly Gonzalez – You Can Dance (Gemini Club Remix)

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