Christine and the Queens – Narcissus Is Back

I woke up pretty early today expecting to go for a run before starting the day only to realize that it’s thunder and lightning outside. After getting caught in the rain a couple of days ago and realizing how much I’d missed the feeling, I was inspired to venture outside again. The only thing that stopped me was the lightning. So here I am now instead. This was the first track I listened to when I woke up, and it’s set my Monday and week in a pretty great direction.

The initial notes in the beginning have you misled to believe that you may be listening to a track by The XX or something. But then the vocals kick in and there’s a slow build-up until the chorus, with gradual harmonies making their way into the audio picture. Eventually you hear the claps that not only keep the beat, but subconsciously sinks into that happy part of your brain that always wants claps in songs. You know what I’m talking about.

Such an interesting start to the week with this song. It’s got a lot of great energy and sexuality, not only musically, but lyrically. I mean how can it not when the preface is Narcissus?

Et moi je prie pour une avers.

Christine and the Queens – Narcissus Is Back